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In the old days, it was said that whenever a baby girl was born, her family would plant the sprout of a Paulownia tree in their garden. When the little girl grew up and got married, they would cut down the tree and make her a chest of drawers with its wood.

In more recent times, some parents use a box made of Paulownia wood to hold the baby teeth of their children. As you can see, the Japanese people have had strong ties to Paulownia wood from times of old. Although the years may pass by and traditions may change, Paulownia wood still holds a special significance in our lives.

Takahashi Kogyo Co., LTD

Thank you for visiting the website of Takahashi Kogyo Co., LTD. My name is Satoshi Takahashi, the CEO of Takahashi Kogyo. We have worked with Paulownia wood and related products since being established by my grandfather over 80 years ago.

Along with the passage of time and the changes in lifestyle that come with it, the role of Paulownia wood has also developed. It is our greatest endeavor to introduce as many people as possible to the "excellence of Paulownia wood". We greatly appreciate your interest in our business.

Manufacturing and Sales of Paulownia Timber and Wood Products

Manufacturing and Sales of Paulownia Timber and Wood Products_1

For many years, we have visited North America, China, Taiwan, South America and many other places to secure an original supply chain of raw timber (logs).
In recent years, Chinese log imports have been banned, so we import premanufactured Paulownia wood products from China.

In addition to selling whole logs, we also meet the diverse needs of our customers by providing Paulownia wood supplies such as boards and planks that have been manufactured in-house.

Offered Paulownia Wood Products

Whole logs

Whole logs

For building chest of drawers, boxes, koto, or other Paulownia wood furniture

Manufactured boards

Manufactured boards

Board lumber (straight grain・pre-dried) for chest of drawers or boxes/ board lumber (cross grain・pre-dried) for chest of drawers or boxes, planks (straight grain) for chest of drawers or boxes

Processed boards (from China)

Processed boards (from China)

For use in chest of drawers, boxes, koto, taiko drumsticks, or other Paulownia wood products

Paulownia wood processing ranges

TypePlanks (Straight Width)
Finish TypeOne-sided Planar finishSuper finish
Processing RangeThickness 6m/m ~
Length 240m/m ~ 1820m/m
Width 100m/m ~ 1200m/m
(Planks with a length of over 900m/m must have a width of less than 900m/m)
Thickness 3.6m/m ~
Length 240m/m ~ 1820m/m
Width 100m/m ~ 900m/m

Company Profile

Company NameTakahashi Kogyo Co., LTD
RepresentativeSatoshi Takahashi, CEO
Address1-6 Nishikinakamachi, Kaizuka City, Osaka 597-0093, Japan
TEL 81-0-72-422-3901
FAX 81-0-72-422-6838
Capital45,320,000 yen
EstablishedJuly 12, 1948
Business ActivitiesPaulownia wood imports and manufactured product sales
Member of the BoardSatoshi Takahashi, CEO
Ryutaro Takahashi
Hitoshi Takahashi
Takae Takahashi
Associated BanksSumitomo Mitsui Bank Corporation Nanba Branch
Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Corporation Kishiwada Branch
Osaka Shinkin Bank Kaizuka Branch

Company History

October 1936Ichiro Takahashi established Takahashi Kirizai Kojo Factory at 81 Fukuda, Kaizuka City
July 1948Takahashi Kogyo CO., LTD was established at 83 Umizuka, Kaizuka City
Ichiro Takahashi assumed the role of CEO
Capital increased to 500,000 yen
1959Capital increased to 2,500,000 yen
May 1973Capital increased to 10,000,000 yen
July 1979Capital increased to 30,000,000 yen
October 1991Headquarters moved to 1-6 Nishikinakamachi, Kaizuka City
March 1992Ryutaro Takahashi assumed the role of CEO
March 1993Merged with Takahashi CO., LTD to have a capital of 45,320,000 yen
December 2006Satoshi Takahashi assumed the role of CEO



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